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    Is the more filter stages of the water purifier, the better?

    Many people will wonder whether the more water purifier filter elements, the better the effect and the cleaner the water quality.
    First, let's learn about the common water purifier's 5-stage filter element material, filtering effect, and replacement time.

    01: PP Cotton Filter
    Location: Generally used as the first filter
    Function: filter out visible objects in the water
    Filter accuracy: filter element accuracy range 0.5-100 microns
    Service life: generally recommended to be replaced in about 6 months

    Reverse osmosis water purifier structure

    02: Pre-activated Carbon
    Location: General used as a secondary filtration
    Function: Absorb residual chlorine, different colors and odors, volatile organic compounds, and other substances in water
    Service life: generally recommended to replace about 6 months

    03: Ultrafiltration Membrane Filter Element
    Location: Generally used as a three-stage filter, mostly used in an ultrafiltration machine
    Function: intercept bacteria, colloids, suspended matter, and macromolecular organic matter in water
    Filtration accuracy: accuracy of 0.001 microns -0.1 micron
    Service life: generally recommended 24 months

    04: RO Membrane Filter Element
    Location: As a four-stage filter, it is the top priority of the water purifier
    Function: remove heavy metals, bacteria, scale, and other harmful substances
    Filtration precision: RO membrane precision can reach 0.0001 micron
    Service life: generally recommended to be replaced around 24 months

    05: Post Activated Carbon Element
    Location: Generally located behind the RO membrane filter element
    Function: Re-adsorb a small amount of dirt that may remain in the water
    Service life: generally recommended to be replaced in about 12 months

    Is the multi-stage filter element safer?

    In fact, the level of filtration has nothing to do with the quality of the filtered water! Some low-end water purifiers will also be equipped with 4 or 5 filter elements, but the filtering efficiency may not be as good as a high-performance filter element. The quality of the water depends mainly on the material and process of the filter element. 100 activated carbon filter elements are not as effective as a RO reverse osmosis membrane, but they play different roles!

    Why not all use reverse osmosis type?
    Since reverse osmosis water purifiers can achieve the best purification effect, why not all use reverse osmosis membrane? It is mainly based on these two problems:
    First of all, the reverse osmosis filter element has the highest filtration accuracy at present, but the cost of the reverse osmosis filter element is more expensive, all of which use the reverse osmosis filter element, presumably most do not want to use it;
    Secondly, the reverse osmosis filter element has requirements for the quality of influent water. If the water quality is not good, the reverse osmosis membrane is easily damaged, and the accumulation of impurities will destroy the reverse osmosis membrane step by step, resulting in water leakage and poor water quality.

    How many filter elements is better for the water purifier?
    The best combination of the filter element is based on the filter effect of the filter element and the requirements of the influent water quality, generally, 4 to 5 filters is more appropriate.

    In the water purifier, the filter element of the water purifier is mainly composed of PP cotton + pre-activated carbon + RO membrane + post-activated carbon and other 4-5 filter forms. This type of water purifier is more popular.


    RO membrane element making line

    filter stage of the water purifier

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