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HID™ has been working with Power Pure as exclusive partnership in Egypt RO membranes market

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    Countdown Big Sale for the End of 2020

    HID Membrane Co., Ltd. has been focusing on manufacturing and R&D of RO water treatment products for over 11 years. Its products include Residential & Commercial RO Membrane, Industrial RO Membrane, Membrane housings, RO system Pre-Filter, Polyamide Flat sheets Membrane, RO System equipment, etc. They are sold all over the world, and have also created excellent sales in 2020, and won high-quality praise from so many customers.

    Now HID has a Big Sale at 2020 year-end, RO Membrane series products 15% off, event date December 15-31, 2020.

    Product categories:


    ★ Residential RO Membrane

    ★ Commercial RO Membrane

    ★ Industrial RO Membrane

    ★ Nanofiltration Membrane

    ★ Reverse Osmosis (RO) System 

    ★ RO Membrane Housing

    ★ RO Flat Sheet

    ★ RO Pre-Filters