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    1.Product Spec

    1812 & 2012 series membrane is designed for small water supply system such as house pure water machines and small pure water systems of hospitals and laboratories.

    TFC series of membrane is suitable for source waters with salinity below 2000 ppm, the membranes can be used for salt rejection treatment of all kinds of below the surface water, groundwater, tap water and municipal water. TFC membranes are mainly used in pure water, boiler feed water, food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing industries and many other kinds of fields.

    2. Specification & Performance

    PerformanceStable salt rejection%979797979797
    Minimum salt rejection %969696969696
    Average permeate flow GPD(L/d)50(204)75(281)100(380)125(478)150(567.75)200(760)
    Effective area of membrane ft²(m²)3.5(0.32)4.2(0.38)5.0(0.46)5.0(0.50)6.0(0.8)10.33(0.96)
    Testing conditionTesting pressure65psi(0.45Mpa)
    Testing temperature25℃
    Concentration of testing solution (NaCl)500ppm
    PH value of testing solution6.5-7.5
    Recovery rate of single membrane element15
    Maximum operating conditionMax operating pressure300psi(2.0Mpa)
    Max feedwater temperature45℃
    Max SDI of feedwater5
    Max concentration of free chlorine<0.1mg/l
    PH value range of continual feedwater3~10
    PH value range of income water when chemical cleaning2~11
    The maximum pressure drop of single membrane10psi(0.07Mpa)

    3.Related Information

    ① The produced water amount listed in the table is an average value, compare with the standard value, the difference of the minimum amount of water produced by a single membrane does not exceed ± 15%. 

    ② All wet membrane undergo rigorous factory inspection, and use specific protective solution and vacuum-packed, then stored in strong cartons. In order to prevent growth of microorganisms during short-term storage, transport and the system standby, we recommend preparation protective solution by RO membrane produced water, then immerse membrane.

    ③ When new membranes run, the produced water of at least the first hour has to be discharged out. 


    1. The safety and suitability of the product is subject to your application intent, please make your decision carefully.

    2. The record of the contents will be modified according to the actual product design, if there are any changes, we will not release further notice.

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