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    A survey of the development of membrane separation science a

    The development of membrane science and technology in China started from the study of ion exchange membrane in 1958. It has gone through the course of more than 40 years. The development of the film industry in China can be divided into three stages.

    In the first stage, it is also called the start stage. In 1967, Shanghai chemical plant polyethylene heterogeneous ion exchange membrane was officially put into operation as the symbol. By the middle of 1980s, the application of cellulose acetate reverse osmosis membrane Huzhou water treatment equipment factory was put into operation. This stage focuses on the development of electrodialysis technology for heterogeneous ion exchange membranes. Heterogeneous ion exchange membrane production reached nearly 3*105 square meters, accounting for the world market capacity 1/3. At the same time, the exploration of anti osmosis technology began in 1965 and the national sea water desalination conference began in 1967, which greatly promoted the development of membrane science and technology in China. Various membranes, components and devices, such as electrodialysis, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and microfiltration, have been developed.

    The second stage, also known as the development stage of membrane separation technology. China Membrane Industry Association was established from mid 1980s to 1995. The development film technology has been included in the development plan of science and technology, and some technical mature membrane processes have been applied. With the introduction of foreign reverse osmosis membrane, components and products, new membrane varieties have been developed successively, accelerating the pace of localization of membrane technology, and the scale of China's membrane industry has reached a certain scale. The academic community of membrane science and technology in China has continuously organized various technical training classes, technical exchanges and exhibitions, which have greatly promoted the application of membrane technology.

    The third stage, also known as the development stage of membrane science and technology. The establishment of the China Membrane Industry Association in 1995 indicates that the development of China's membrane industry has entered a new stage of standard, orderly and rapid development. As a membrane industry of high and new technology, it has attracted the attention of all circles of society. The domestic membrane enterprises have sprung up like bamboo shoots after the rain. Especially, the involvement of large enterprises has brought a greater opportunity for the development of the film industry in China. At the same time, foreign haideneng DuPont, Dow, ensequence and other world-renowned companies have also entered the market Chinese.

    China's membrane industry has begun to take shape. Ultrafiltration, microfiltration and electrodialysis products have formed their own characteristics, not only firmly occupy the domestic market of medium and low grade products, but also enter the international market. However, compared with the world's major membrane producing countries, there are still fewer varieties of membrane, smaller production scale, unstable quality, relatively backward device and technology, especially in reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and artificial organs. A batch of new membrane materials and membrane separation processes, such as pervaporation, liquid film, membrane distillation, membrane electrode and inorganic membrane, are still in the stage of development and development. As a Hyde company independent research and development and production capacity of enterprises, the Chinese membrane separation technology development and progress for the contribution can not be ignored.