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    How to decide the 4 inch membrane element or the 8 inch memb

    According to the film company design guidelines, the average water flux of its recommendations were 8~14gfd (gallon/ (foot2/day) in surface water as water source (14~18gdf), using groundwater as water sources (20~30gfd), the water level of the reverse osmosis system as the two stage reverse osmosis water system)

    According to the design guidelines, the lowest yield of single 8040 membrane components is 0.46T/h (surface water as the source of water), 0.80T/h (groundwater as the source of water), and 1.15T/h (the production of primary reverse osmosis system water as the two stage reverse osmosis system water). 8040 membrane elements can be used in theory when the water output of the system is greater than that of the above value. But whether we use the 8040 membrane components, we should take into account the requirements of the system's recovery rate, whether we should allow the return of concentrated water, the area of the system, the cost of pressure vessels, and the overall economy of the system.

    According to the comprehensive balance of various factors, it is generally considered that the 8040 membrane element is suitable for reverse osmosis system above 5T/h. The reverse osmosis system with 4040 membrane elements is more suitable for 3T/h, and 8040 or 4040 membrane components of 3~5T/h reverse osmosis system can be used.